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Tips for Your New Unit

All the Information You Need to get Started

Preparing Items:

  • Quality outdoor locks make a difference. See our Site Manager to purchase today!
  • Store items that are cleaned and adequately maintained.
  • Label all sides of your boxes with a permanent marker.
  • The more delicate the item, the more bubble wrap you need.
  • Fill boxes as much as possible. A firm box makes a better base for the one above it. Hence, sturdier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.

Storage Boxes & Containers:

  • Refrigerators and freezers should be stored with the door slightly ajar to facilitate air flow.
  • Books should be stored laying flat. It protects the spines.

Packing Your Unit:

  • Some space around boxes and items is good for air flow. Items leaning against the walls may be subject to condensation that can cause real damage.
  • Imagine how you will retrieve the box or item furthest away in the storage unit, then build yourself a reasonable path to get there.
  • Disassemble large items when possible and pack/store the pieces together.

Please Don't:

  • Store anything that is live or perishable.
  • Think that hazardous or combustible materials will be safe in your unit.
  • Underestimate the effects of board changes in temperature and humidity on your fine wood items. Customers can place sensitive items in temperature controlled units to meet many of their needs. Please contact our Site Manager with any question you may have.